Plug & play kits

Plug & play gas boiler kit

Used for hydride system, allowing the heat pump to be combined with a gas boiler. The gas boiler kit has a built-in hydraulic separator and a built-in motorized 3-way valve for switching between the heat pump and the gas boiler. Regulated by the heat pump.

Plug & play electric auxiliary heater kit

Electric auxiliary heater for heat pump system with overheat protection.

3kW for 230V/ 1P

6kW for 400V / 3P

Plug & play 2-zone kit

Used for the system in combination with underfloor heating/cooling, radiators and fan coil units. The 2-zone kit has a built-in hydraulic separator and low consumption circulation pumps. This makes it possible to control 2 water temperatures.

RS485 modbus communication

Available models